How Specify eBook "Opening" Page for MOBI & EPUB?


How can the “page” (acknowledging that the use of the term ‘page’ in an eBook is not conceptually valid) to be shown when a reader opens a MOBI or EPUB (“opening page”) be specified?

For the MS I’m working on at the moment, the “page” that initially opens is the first page of Scrivener’s “eBook Front Matter,” which–in this case–is the copyright page. I’d like to set the opening page to be either the cover or the first page of the Preface.

How can this be accomplished in Scrivener?

Your help is welcomed & appreciated; thanks!

Any suggestions? In a real jam, here.


There is a setting in MOBI to open after “Front matter”. See if that helps.

Or the placeholder tag <$ebook_start> … I learned that on this forum.

Ufortunately, I do not think you have control over these factors in an EPUB.

Also, personally I am not getting KindleGen to collaborate. So I don’t get it to work for MOBI either. But that may just be me. :slight_smile:

Hope it helps you.


@erlend…A BIG THANK YOU! It worked.