How to access document path as literal text?

I am using Scrivener 2.7 to prepare a medical textbook with very large numbers of internal cross-references. I have to deliver the final text to the publisher as a Word document with a supplied stylesheet. I have it structured as a single project with top level folders for chapters and then nested documents. I’ve spent some time thinking about possible workflows (e.g. via MultiMarkDown) but reluctantly concluded that Scrivener won’t be able to automatically compile cross references within the text of the type “see section 2.1.4” but my copy editors can handle this manually if I can create consistently formatted literal text e.g. of the form «see Chaptername/Sectionname/etc». I can see the text I need as a “tooltip” if I select the target document and hover over its name in the toolbar at the top of the edit window, but I want to be able to access it (e.g. copy it to clipboard) so that I can incorporate it into a Keyboard Maestro macro or similar. Is this possible please?