How to access external (file) bookmarks among the document bookmarks on iOS?


I recently bought the iOS version, in addition to both Windows and macOS versions (though I’m not really using Windows recently), to do some light editing and writing on the go on my iPad Air (I don’t expect Scrivener of iOS to have feature parity with other platforms).

I was looking to pull in all actionable research files and items as external file bookmarks and external bookmarks within the document bookmarks pane into Scrivener, since this enables me to preview files and websites in the sidebar for relevant files. But so far I don’t see a way of viewing them in the iOS version. I would have expected those document bookmarks to show up in iOS in the left-hand menu after opening the Inspector (e.g. next to document notes).

I was looking through the tutorial (and noticed the regrettable absence of a manual for iOS comparable to the one for macOS, or a definitive description of features and omissions of the iOS version), but didn’t see any information on them. Also, I checked for related forum posts and saw a couple of them which may have asked for the same features. However, several posts were mixing up terminology and most of them ended up discussing the transition in Scrivener 3 to project bookmarks, so I wasn’t even sure if they were speaking or the same feature. So let me clarify that I understood the use of project bookmarks as kind of favorites in the iOS version, and appreciate them and use them for such purposes, but I’m asking here about document bookmarks, which serve a different purpose.

So I have essentially two questions:
Are they not implemented on iOS or did I overlook something?
Why are they not implemented? They seem to be an integral part of the Scrivener writing process comparable to document notes.

I saw suggestions for different workarounds in some of those posts, such as keeping such files in other, external apps, or importing them into the binder, or jotting links into the page itself, however I don’t think any of them are viable alternatives. External apps need to run on iOS and there needs some kind of link handling. Importing them into the binder doesn’t associate files with a particular text or folder - I would do that if I had files without a particular scope on or relevance to a single file or folder in Scrivener. Also, it doesn’t always work for webpages, which I would rather have rendered by Safari in a preview window, just as it is being handled on macOS. And regarding jotting them into the files or folders - I actually broke with such habits and had to spend quite some time cleaning my manuscripts, because there was a lot of ‘pollution’ of the draft text, since over time notes, remarks, and quotes become garbled up with my own writing over time, which made it impossible for others to read or understand.

So in summary, I’m not aware of a good replacement feature of Scrivener of for external (file) bookmarks of the document bookmarks pane, and if they are not implemented I would like to submit a feature request, and IMO, as a core feature on other platforms, this should be high up on the list,

But I’d be thankful for any recommendations on other strategies or some screenshots informing me where the feature is accessible in iOS, since I’m sure this would be a faster solution for my intended workflow than waiting for implementation of that feature.