How to access the clipboard?

Hi! I’m fairly new to Scrivener and I just cut a big chunk of a chapter and forgot to paste it. then I cut something else and pasted it, but now I’m looking for the first big chunk. Is there a clipboard out there (I hope) that I can find with a log of all my cuts?

Go to the document from which you cut the content.
Take a snapshot.
Click anywhere in the editor, then hit ctrl-z until the content reappears.
Do the intended copy paste.
Then go back to the chapter you cut text from, and roll-back to the snapshot you just took.

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Else, if you have windows set for clipboard history, you might find it there.



Vincent’s suggestions are all good, and they should work, if conditions are right. I hope they are.

I’ll mention here a clipboard manager I’ve been using for many years now, that’s useful beyond measure. Reliable, stable, low overhead, transparent, simple, and free (donationware.) Works across all Windows programs, not just Office.

Ditto Clipboard Manager

One of the few and rare programs that I let run when Windows starts.


Update: Oops, I see that was already suggested above! Well, consider it an emphatic suggestion since it might be the thing that saves you here. :slight_smile: I don’t know if it works retroactively, or if it only starts recording clipboard history after you enable it (or even if it is enabled by default now, it did not use to be), but there is also a clipboard history built right into Windows as well. Definitely give that shortcut a try, and see if your recent cuts are in there!

And once you’ve done that, I second the above suggestion of looking into getting a solid clipboard history tool. Such is always one of the very first things I install on a fresh system, and once you get used to never losing anything you clip, you’ll never go back to the horrible days of having one single volatile clipboard. A good one even remembers what you’ve clipped between reboots.


Thank you! That worked and I learned about a new function in Scrivener!

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That clipboard manager is great !
Thanks for sharing.