How to add a footnote and an URL?

I’m writing a book that I’ll publish as ebook and in print, and I’d like to insert links there. For ebooks I don’t really need footnotes as the links will be clickable but for the print version I’d need them.
How can I:

  • add a url to words I selected for a footnote (I can’t add URL if I added a footnote now)
  • compile a version without the footnotes for the epub, can I deactivate them in epub mode?
    Thanks in advance

This one of the instances where inline footnotes can be handy, in that they don’t overlap the text itself (in this case something that is already a link). Here is a simple before/after example:


The bit on the bottom is what it looks like in Scrivener; the bubble around the printed URL is what indicates this as an inline footnote. In the top left is a printed form (with hyperlink formatting disabled so the text prints black) and on the middle right, an example ebook reader, where this is a visible and clickable link, but no endnote.

You get the latter by going into compile, and in the General Options tab on the right hand side, enable the Remove footnotes option. This is a project-wide setting, so you’ll need to remember to toggle it on or off depending on which type of thing you are compiling at the moment.