How to add a line at each paragraph

I want to use Markdown. It requires on blank line between paragraphs. I cannot find how to search and replace a Paragraph marker etc. Since this is likely a common problem, I’ve looke for something in reverse of “tidying” where instead of removing extra blank lines it might add one.


You could use Regular Expression in the Editor to add Empty Lines between paragraphs.
Essentially replace \n with \n\n, but the current state of the RegEx in the Edit > Find > Find… feature leave something to be desired, so you might want to use Project Replace (testing on a Blank Project) or Compile Replacements to insert those new lines.

If you hold down the Ctrl key (Opt key on Mac) in combination with Enter, in the Find window, you can insert what you’re looking for. Converting one paragraph break to two would work best, and then you can go through and make sure that didn’t mess anything up.