How to add a page break, even in an epub

I’m looking for a way to add a page break in the middle of a chapter.

Typically, I use a single carriage return to imply a scene break for the reader (fiction). I don’t place three asterisks or some tiny filigree there, at least not for minor breaks.

But there are moments, such as when there is a larger change in focus or a larger gap in time in the story (or both) where I add a tiny icon at the head of that section. Rarely, but I think it helps prime the reader for a larger jump in focus or time.

One problem with this seems to be the way text flows in e-readers, in which word wrap is randomized based on the reader’s settings. What I sometimes end up with is the tiny icon orphaned from the paragraph below it, which looks ridiculous. ‘Keep with’ seems to have no effect.

One solution I’m considering is an in-chapter page break. Inserting one from the menu seems to be ignored by an e-reader. I can’t imagine why. Any e-reader could flow the text anyway it might want to while still respecting, and accommodating, a page break, one would think. Typically, the only actual page breaks in my manuscripts happen at chapter breaks, likely bc I designate those as folders in the Binder.

So what I’m trying to do is accomplish that by doing two things: 1) make those docs ‘Section Start’ in the compiler, and 2) change the docs to folder rather than file.

And that does actually work, even in an e-reader, regardless of the reader’s settings. But a particular problem comes with that, which is whatever that document is labeled as in the Binder, appears in the TOC (in Apple ‘Books’, the drop-down TOC invoked from an icon at the top left of the e-reader as well as the HTML TOC). Not what I have in mind. I want that to be invisible in either TOC.

I’m not sure, but it appears that the TOC is generated from everything that includes a section break, so there may not be a solution. And Scrivener does not allow a document to not have a name in the Binder, so I can’t just blank it out.

So maybe I’m either overthinking this or underthinking it. I just haven’t found any other solution yet. I’m making this up as I go along. What I wish for is for some smart forum guru to point me in a more effective direction. :nerd_face: