How to add a texture to the background of document view

TItle says it all.

I think this has been asked before but I couldn’t see any answer.

It might even be a feature request.

Basically, I work in document mode, and I would love to be able to change the background from a flat colour to, say, a handmade paper texture or any other image of my choosing, just to keep things interesting and stop my eyes getting bleary and bored.

Can it be done? If not, can it be pencilled in for a future feature?

Currently you can only set a background texture for full screen mode but you will be able to also change the background of the main editor in version 3 of Scrivener for Windows.

Good to know, thanks.

Of course, having been waiting 18 months so far for v3 to release, that is some harsh tantalising with no release date. Still.


Apologies for resurrecting my own ‘necro’ thread, but now that v3 is out for windows, are we any closer to being able to apply background textures to the main editor?

Personally I’ve always found it helpful to keep me engaged in the text (rather than what I think I remember I wrote) to be able to swap between drafts, one on parchment, one on handmade paper, that kind of thing, and I would dearly love to be able to do more in Scrivener than simply swap background colours and change the font.