How to add blank page before the title in 3.0

How do I add a blank page before the title page in my paperback? I’m using 3.0. Thank you.

A blank document with an <$BLANK> or <$EMPTY> Placeholder on it should do the trick. Check for the correct Placeholder in the Placeholders PDF in the Help menu.

Would I create a blank document with <$BLANK_PAGE> on it and place it before the title page in the binder? Or would I type <$BLANK_PAGE> at the top of the title page itself?

So, a blank document…

Thank you. I will give that a try.

Straight from place holder page in Scrivener
<$BLANK_PAGE> Tells the compiler to leave this page blank. At the end of compiling the text,
Scrivener goes through looking for potentially blank pages and removes them,
but if it finds this placeholder on an otherwise blank page, it just removes the
placeholder and leaves the page blank

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I just tested this and it works perfectly. Thanks to both of you for the help!