How to add content to left hand side of diagram

I want to add more content to the left hand side of my diagram, but I can’t get enough visible space on the left hand side of my diagram to enter it.

I’ve tried panning by holding space bar and click+drag: This is good for moving around inside a large diagram, but doesn’t let me pan past the end of the diagram.

Similarly, I’ve tried holding down z and clicking. But again this only works inside the diagram or very close to the edge of it.

Is there a trick I’m missing?

In Scrivener?

This is the Scapple tech support forum I think!

Scapple is excellent for drawing mind-map-like diagrams, except for my little issue… do take a look, I recommend it.

Oh, sorry.
Just select all and move it.

Ah thanks, yes that works … select everything in the diagram and move it to the right.

It’s kind of counter-intuitive, as there is no boundary shown on the diagram canvas, and a little bit awkward, but problem solved.

That’s because there is no real boundaries to the right and downwards. Once you realize that it’s very intuitive and logical. :slight_smile: