How to add footnotes from Zotero

Just upgraded to Scrivener 3 for Windows. My footnotes seem to be inline annotations now with nothing listed in the Inspector footnote area. No URL listed either. What do I do to change this? Thanks in advance for your advice. (from 5124)

I paste them in. In other words…

Go to Zotero Right Click (on which ever item you want) > Select 'Create Bibliography from Item > Select Citation Style > Output Node: Bibliography > Output Method: Copy to Clipboard (it’ll remember your settings for ease later)

In Scrivener click where you want the citation to be used in your text (it’ll create a link to the citation) > Select Insert > Footnote > Paste what you copied.

Now the problem I have is that the <$--ENDNOTES-->tag still shows when printing. However you may not have that problem.

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Thank you so much for your response. I’ll try this.

This turned up in another post today - what’s in the first statements might help with your Endnotes problem?