How to add Gramarly function to Scrivener?

I would like to use Grammarly program in Scrivener but cannot figure out how to add it. Does anybody know?

You can’t add Grammarly to Scrivener. You’d have to copy/paste from Scrivener to Grammarly (and back again if you really want to).

Or you can use ProWritingAid, which opens and edits Scrivener projects.

Thank you! I will try ProWritingAid.

Please note that we do not support direct editing of a Scrivener project with any tool other than Scrivener itself. So use of this functionality is entirely between you and ProWritingAid: we will not be able to assist should any issues arise.

The only mechanism for third-party editing of a Scrivener project that we support is via the Sync with External Folder feature.

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I am not a native English speaker and for me using editing software as GRAMMARLY is a must. It is disappointing that Scrivener is not supporting such editing software and is not offering similar of its own. Only the spell check.

I tried ProWritingAid and to copy to Grammarly and back to Scrivener. Grammarly does a much better editing job than ProWritingAid. I will use this option. I have not tried the Sink with External Folder feature. Do not know how to use it but will read the manual.

Thank you for your help!

I tried SINC. It is not convenient. You have to convert the file twice and the possibility of making a mistake and corrupting the text is very large. My decision – Copy text from Scrivener > edit with Grammarly > copy the edited text back to Scrivener. It can be done one written file by file, or wait to the end of writing, convert the whole book to WORD, and edit book by Grammarly.

It is too bad that Scrivener is not supporting Grammarly. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Grammarly is wrong as often as it is right, though. If you need a lot of help, you won’t know when it’s wrong.

Or Grammarly isn’t supporting Scrivener.


What @drmajorbob said. Grammar checkers are a way to avoid egregious errors, but they cannot and should not take the place of a human editor who’s fluent in the language you’re using.

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I wrote two books in English and know that Grammarly often is not right. But it gives language choices in the process of writing and corrects most of my grammar. I used a professional editor after finishing my manuscript. But my manuscript was not so terrible as it would be without Grammarly.

Well, I will be doing as before – writing in Scrivener, converting to Word, and using Grammarly for the final author’s editing.

I just wanted to check if there was the possibility to use Grammarly in the Scrivener. Looks like there is none.

… and a way to cause egregious errors, too.

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