how to add my name to comments

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How do I add my name to comments in the in the comments and footnotes section. At the moment each comment just starts with: User_, 2014/11/02 07:41:29 VM; how to I change the ‘User_’ part for subsequent comments?

Sorry if this has been asked previously but I cannot find it in the forum… any help would be appreciated!

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Scrivener uses your Windows account name and the “short date” and “short time” settings (which you can alter in the Region & Language settings from the Windows Control Panel). There’s no way currently to change this within Scrivener, although it is something on our list to consider for a future development.

You could enable additional substitutions in the Corrections tab of Tools > Options and set up a simple replacement, so that for instance you could type “;sig” and have it immediately replaced with whatever name you want for the comments & footnotes. It wouldn’t occur automatically when you create the note, but since the default text is pre-selected, you can easily overtype it and then finish with your custom signature.

Thank you!