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Mobius Final Fantasy is a game created by Square Enix Business and published by Square Enix, which is an Action Role-playing video game and support both Single and Multiplayer modes. The game then occurs in the marvelous world, and have a chance to be the protagonist named Warrior of Light, a strange man who woke up with amnesia in the land of Palamecia. And due to the storyline, the world is threatened by monsters and antagonists, and you must discover the world from a third-person aspect using standard navigation and take part in all the turn-based battles to take down monsters and opponents. When the game starts, you can create the setting of the game, modify manages, and graphics quality for your dominant hand. Various challenges are available, and you have to complete each one to progress through the game and earn points to unlock further items, features, and modes. And during the competition, you face with antagonists using a variety of armaments and devices. With the compelling gameplay, impressive game style, and stunning world, Mobius Final Fantasy is the best game to play.

Mobius Final Fantasy

A list of Top 6 Games like Mobius Final Fantasy will meet all of your requirement. You will feel thankful somehow. Thus, let’s join us to see what’s inside below!

1.Soul Sacrifice

The first game in the Top 6 Games like Mobius Final Fantasy is Soul Sacrifice. The game is an Action-Adventure, Single and Multiplayer video game which is a super product created the combination between Marvelous AQL and Sony Computer Entertainment. This game’s fabulous mechanic is to enable to lose the part of the items or the protagonist’s body to make a devastating attack to defeat antagonists. And the plot centers on the main character, who is one of the bystanders that is enslaved by a vicious wizard called Magusar, who has the capability to absorb human gives up. A talking book appears, just before you are going to be sacrificed. Then, the famous speaking book is known as Librom, providing the events’ collection that displays the competition between powerful wizard and monsters. You will have a chance to incarnate as the main character and can discover the world from a third-person view. The key mission is to kill monsters and antagonists to earn points and use them to unlock further content in the game. This game involves principal characteristics such as Customization, Protagonist Classes, different Armaments, and more.

Soul Sacrifice

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2.Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

The second game in the Top 6 Games like Mobius Final Fantasy is Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. The game is developed and published by Square Enix, which is the combination of the Action Role-playing and Hack and Slash elements. The game is known as the 6th entry in the series of Kingdom Hearts that support to play on PlayStation platform. Three main characters like Terra, Ventus, and Aqua are available. You can select one of them to start your quest to enhance in the story. Every protagonist has its unique personality, play style and characteristics. The game occurs in the beautiful environment fill of protagonists and monsters. Your main mission is to discover the world of the Mirage Arena from a third-person aspect. You can take part in the intense competition in which you have to take down the opponents and monsters using unique items, spells, and combos. This game gives multiple modes and you control of three main playable protagonists in each mode.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

3.Tales of Destiny

The third game in the Top 6 Games like Mobius Final Fantasy is Tales of Destiny. This is a great game by the combination of Wolf Team and Namco Bandai Games, which is an Incarnate video game with Single-player and Multiplayer modes for PlayStation platform. It is known as the second installment in the series of Tales produced by Namco and presents new gameplay, protagonists, challenges, and environment. The game then occurs in the stunning-based environment and turns around the plot of the main character, a young boy known as Stahn, who comes around a sentient sword called Dymlos. In the game, you and your companions must struggle to deal with evil forces, who are searching for an old relic to use in the war against humanity. And the Linear battle system is presented in the game and occurs in a 2D environment in which antagonist and protagonists act in genuine. You will consume ranged armaments and melee threatens in real-time, with casting a fantasy spell and chanting time.

Tales of Destiny

4. Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey

The next game in the Top 6 Games like Mobius Final Fantasy is Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey. This is mixed of Gust Co. Ltd and Koei Tecmo, which is an Action, Role-playing, and Single-player video game and serves as the eighth section in the series of Atelier game. The game brings lots of inspiring actions such as fighting, jumping, discovering, synthesis, and more compared to titles before with new world and protagonists. It then occurs in the brilliant-based world, and the plot follows the female main protagonist, a young girl lives in a secluded mine and wants to manipulate the outside world. You will become friends of Plachta and Sophie, the protagonist of the previous title, who teach you the classic techniques. And after learning new moves and alchemy, the main character is called to leave your village, but under certain conditions. There is a variety of levels and each level needs completion of individual missions. You will embark yourself on a legend journey, where you can discover the world to connect with non-player protagonists like other Role-playing games to reach the goal.

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey

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5.Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

The next game in the Top 6 Games like Mobius Final Fantasy is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. The game is developed and published by Capcom for iOS and Nintendo 3DS, which offers an Adventure and Single-player gameplay. The game will put you in a special experience that you have never explored before in high-quality graphics, 3D world, and difficult missions. In this game, you have a chance to incarnate as the main character and your final goal is to start your career and set out yourself on a legend quest where you have to find out multiple truth behind various cases and rescue the innocents to earn experience and save the day. Different stages are available, and each stage offers challenging gameplay with a set of challenges that you must complete at any cost to become the best lawyer. And before getting into the game, you must prepare yourself for intense courtroom by analyzing dissimilar crime scenes, finding clues, questioning witnesses, and more.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

6.White Knight Chronicles: Origins

The last game in the Top 6 Games like Mobius Final Fantasy is White Knight Chronicles: Origins. The game is published by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by SCE Japan Studio, which is a Co-op, Action Role-playing, and Single-player video game. It is served as the prequel to the White Knight Chronicles, produced in 2008. This game occurs in the fascinating environment invaded by monsters and antagonists. In order to get into the game world, you need to choose your protagonist from available and design it to your style. And after creating the protagonist, you get access to the world in which you have to fulfill a lot of challenging quests to rescue the world and earn points. You will discover exotic places from a third-person view and can connect with non-player protagonists while competing opponents to defeat them. You will engage yourself in classic role-playing gameplay experience and perform your capabilities and skills to impress your fellows. Then you will get raw materials, after taking down the antagonist and can use them for crafting, unlock items, equipment, and upgrading system.

White Knight Chronicles: Origins

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