How to: Adding Images to Corkboard?

I’ve bought Scrivener and I’m having a great deal of trouble adding images to my corkboard, I have tried Drag N Drop from desktop, cant find a way to import or export or add image, I’m foxed, any ideas?

thanks in advance


You can’t import files directly to the corkboard - you need to drag them to the binder (I’ll be adding support for direct import to the corkboard to a future version). Also make sure that you do not import images into the Draft folder - that’s not supported, as the Draft folder can contain only text. To have images in the corkboard, there are two options:

  1. Image files imported into Scrivener automatically show as images on the corkboard. As I say, you can only store images outside of the Draft folder, though, as research.

  2. In Scrivener’s inspector, click on the index card icon on the right of the "Synopsis’ title bar. This allows you to change the index card for a picture (a black area saying “Drag in an image file” by default). You can then drag an image onto that area from either the Finder or binder. Once you’ve done that, that image will be used to represent the document on the corkboard no matter what sort of file the document is (so you can use images to represent text documents on the corkboard). This works for anything, no matter where it is (even in the Draft folder).

Hope that helps.

All the best,