How to apply "No style" to text in iOS Scrivener?

I’ve searched here and in Manual, and pressed all the buttons available, but can’t spot it. Surely it’s me not spotting, but help appreciated.

On iOS (I’m using iPad) how to change a style from something to “No Style” or delete a style assignment. On macOS I see it, of course.

p.s. My MacBook into Apple for keyboard replacement. Too much typing in Scrivener I guess! So will have to use iPad for a while.

Edit: Here are the options I see in the format painter. Now styled as “Figure” and I wish to remove it.

Try going to Formatting Options (above the Paragraph Styles section of your screenshot), and tap Use Default Format.

Tried that before and again now. Put cursor in the text and this time selected it all. Poof. Style gone. Thanks.