How to assign a keyboard shortcut to a copy special

Hi, I’m partway through my trial at the moment. One thing I am experimenting with is finding out how much of my writing I can do in Scrivener.

One thing I do quite often is post to a forum, and I would like to be able to type in Scrivener and easily post. The “Edit | Copy Special | Copy as BBCode” works fine, but is a handful to get to (Alt-E, Y, C is an awkward combination). I can’t see it in the list under options - is there a way of assigning a shortcut?



At the moment, it’s only possible to modify existing shortcuts via the Keyboard tab in Options, so there’s no way to create a new shortcut for the Copy BBCode option yet. We do want to provide a way in the future to add shortcuts for any menu item, but for now the accelerator keys are your best choice, unless you want to dive into something like AutoHotKey and set up a shortcut for triggering the menu item from there. We’ve got some heavy AHK users lurking around who might be able to help you out with that.

OK, thanks for that. For now I’ll take the simple option, might look into AutoHotKey later.

I’ll add to this thread that the ability to add one’s own keyboard shortcuts would also be useful to me.

To cite one example, I’d like to create a shortcut to perform View —> Outline —> Expand All

Oops, never mind: I found out I can do this via Tools —> Options —> Keyboard. I assigned Expand all to CTRL+SHIFT+A.