How to buy Scrivener

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I wondered if anyone could tell me if there is any other way of buying Scrivener other than as an online download. I want to buy it for a friend for Christmas, but would like to have something physical to wrap.

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I don’t think there’s a physical product to buy anymore, but there is this: … =238325192

You could print out the license onto an index card or something and curl it up into the mug, then wrap that. Or you could buy one of the books on how to use Scrivener, and put the license code into the book.

When you purchase the license, take a look at this article on how to purchase it as a gift: … -as-a-gift

That’s a great idea. Thanks very much. :smiley:

The other thing I wanted to ask is whether or not you can use Scrivener on an iPad air? My friend has an iPad air and a desktop PC with Windows 10.

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The short answer is “Not quite yet”. The long answer, essentially, is that the Scrivener versions for the Mac and for Windows will never themselves be usable on an iPad; the operating systems are too dissimilar. A version of Scrivener for iOS, the iPad and iPhone operating system is being developed as a lighter-weight companion app for the Windows and Mac versions, but it isn’t quite ready yet.)

You could have Scrivener on a desktop/laptop and use an app like Splashtop to stream it to your iPad Pro, essentially seeing the exact screen from the other computer. Not sure how well this works with touchscreen things or using a keyboard, though.

You could even download the latest installer and put it on a USB flash drive. Give the fit of writing and storage! :smiley: