How to change book title in compile function

I started my book using a working title. Near the end of the first full draft, I arrived at the permanent (?) title. I re-saved the document to the new title, but still when I compile documents, the working title appears in the header of the Word file.

How can I change that?


Change the metadata on the main Compile screen. It’s the tab with the “tag” icon in the right-hand pane.


That’s the place. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Does not work for me in Scrivener 3. Clicked “tag” Changed title. Compiled. Word doc (replaced) still shows old title in header. Where else are the book header settings located.

Scrivener is awesome except for these obscure settings

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The question is what is in the header.

If it contains the placeholder <$projecttitle> then the proper project title should appear in the header. If you had typed the actual old title instead of the placeholder of course the old title will still get used.

Where to find the header settings: Click on Compile, then double-click in the Formats bar on the left on your format. Then go to Page Settings and look up the Header and Footer Settings. And change them if necessary.