How to change default formatting for 'No Style' style?

I’m sure this is easy but I’m struggling to find the answer.

How do I change the default display text format used for No Style paragraph style to avoid having to change it individually for each section I write?

Thanks in advance


Is it perhaps best to create a new paragraph style holding my preferred font and size and set this as a default for each section somehow?

Any advice appreciated

Thank you



I think that you want to set “Main text formatting for new documents” which is the top item under Scrivener/Preferences/Editing/Formatting . This will become the default ‘No Style’ for new documents but can be applied retrospectively by selecting from the Scrivener menu : Documents/Convert/Text to Default Formatting… This default formatting can be varied for each project under Project/Project Settings.

I hope this is what you were looking for.



Just to add to Ray’s answer, you definitely don’t want to create your own style to mimic the default — that would mean that you miss out on some of the default optimisations for some compilation formats and would have to recreate them by hand. There are some scenarios where this is desirable /necessary (though I can’t think of any offhand) but for most cases the right way is the way Ray suggests.

Thanks very much, both.

I have tried as suggested Ray and your solution works well.

I’m off and running now, great.

All the best


Glad it’s working for you. I wanted to point out that if you find that one particular project needs a different default from the other Scrivener projects you’ve worked on, you can set that one project to have its own default. It’s a very similar interface located under Project->Project Settings->Formatting, and will only affect new documents for that project.