How to change default table font?

My default font for my projects is Optima, but every time I insert a table, the font for inside the table is Helvetica. Even more annoying, when I change the font to Optima to type in the table, it only works for that one cell. How do I make the default font for tables Optima?

This is an annoying bug in Apple’s text system. It only occurs when you create a table at the very start of an empty document. There are different workarounds you can use:

  1. Hit return, then create the table and start working in it, and then select and copy the table, select all, and replace everything with the table. (A bit of a fuss.)

  2. Alternatively, after creating the table, hit Cmd-A to select all and then change the font. This will update the font in all table cells.

  3. Or, after creating the table, go to Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting. That will reset the formatting in the document to the default and thus fix the table.

Unfortunately the bug is in Apple code that I have no way of intercepting.

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EDIT: Actually, I found a (rather nasty) way of working around this issue in code, so this should work without needing to use the above workarounds as of the next free update for 3.x users, 3.0.4.