How to change temporary, italicized, document Title to permanent non-italicized Title?

If I create a new text document and paste in some text, Scrivener assigns the text file a temporary name based on the first few words in the document, and it makes this name Italicized in the Editor’s title bar and in the binder.

How can I easily turn this temporary title into a non-italicized title?
(Looked in the manual and could not find this solution…)

The titles of Binder items are editable directly in the Binder. You can click into the title area and edit it to give it a for-real assigned title.

You can also edit the title of a document where it appears at the top of the Editor pane when the document is showing in the Editor.

(There are also ways to change document titles that are specific to the Outline and Corkboard view panes.)


You can also highlight parts of the text in the editor and use the context menu or a keyboard shortcut for Set Selected Text as Title.


Thank you - But I thought there was an even easier way to do this.
Seems there SHOULD be a way to simply click on the temp title with a modifier to accept it…