How to change text colour in Editor (only for viewing)?

I’m sorry if I’m just missing something, but is it possible to change the Editor text colour? I can’t find it in Preferences > Appearance > Customizable Colors. I don’t want to change the actual font colour, just the text appearance in Scrivener.

To change the default text colour for this project only:

Project > Text Preferences, then check the ‘Use different formatting for new documents…’ box.

Click inside the dummy text box and then click and hold on the first of the two rectangles in the middle of the bar above the text. (It’s to the left of the one marked ‘abc’.) You’ll get a colour swatch – select the new colour and the dummy text will change immediately to reflect your choice.

To change the default font colour for all projects from now on:

Scrivener > Preferences > Formatting. Again, click inside the dummy text box and follow the same procedure.

Both these methods will only change the text colour for new documents – if you want to change some documents retrospectively, highlight them in the Binder, then click Documents > Convert > Convert Formatting to Default Style and select the elements you want to change in the dialogue box.

Depending on the options you choose in the Compile dialogue, the compiled version of your document can look the same as the Editor, or be entirely different.

Hope this helps.

Thank you brookter. So this means that when I change the font colour, I need to change it again when compiling or exporting? I haven’t looked deep into the compiling options, my needs are generally very simple.

My favourite editor (after Scrivener of course) is Bean and it has this ‘Use Alternative Colors’ for text and text background. These are only for viewing in Bean and not saved in the document. So this is what I’m missing in Scrivener, text colour only for viewing.

When you compile, just enable the Remove text color option, in the Transformations compile pane, it is very easy.

OK, thank you. Changing the font color is no big deal really, I know. I just thought it should be under Appearance as there’s a setting for pretty much everything else. I found strange that it was missing and suspected that I was just failing to see it.

I need to export to HTML files sometimes and Export doesn’t have options like Compile does - but it doesn’t matter really because I will modify the styles afterwards anyway.

You’ll find something along those lines in the Composition panel, which does have a text colour override that does not impact the underlying text. However it does this at the expense of completely obscuring all colour information—it’s there, but you can’t see it. Hence it’s a design decision to have at least one place in the program where you can see your text for what it is—and that’s the main editor.

Ah, yes in that case text colour will be expressed in CSS—but like you say that’s easily rectified.