How to change the color of the header

Hey Guys,

How can I change the output color of the text marked in yellow from black to gray? Black stands out too much.

Is there a way I can make this a standard compiling setting?

Only after compiling, it seems…

If you fixed the colour, how would it impact on a user choosing their own font settings on their Kindle device/app?

Does Windows offer “light” versions of fonts? They might look less intense in colour, though could still be changed by the end user. :frowning:


Briar Kit

The header on ebooks is pulled from the meta-data and its display controlled by the device; this can’t be adjusted in Scrivener or, as far as I know, even by editing the epub directly but is just up to the end device.

Aha, so nothing I can control?

Oh well. Thanks once again Jen!