How to change the dictionary

I’m still quite new to Scrivener 2.3.1 on the Mac. I’d like to modify the default dictionary, but how to do it… Here are the manual’s instructions which I find baffling:

: Click the Select button to choose your preferred dictionary. You can only load one dictionary at a time for spell checking. If you cannot find your language in the supplied list, click the Download button. Additional dictionaries are available, and can be downloaded and installed into Scrivener with a single click.

Where is the ‘Select’ button, and the ‘Download’ button? I’m in Canada with its own distinctive spelling conventions, not as radical as the U.S. and not as “old school” as British spellings. Is there such a thing as a Canadian spelling dictionary for Scrivener, and where would I find it?


You’ve indicated you are using a Mac, but the excerpt you quoted is from the Windows documentation—and in MultiMarkdown syntax at that. Where are you getting this information from? On the Mac we use the built-in spell-checker, so you need to change your language settings in the System Preferences “Language & Text” panel, under the “Text” tab. This is just how the Mac is set up, so it will change all programs that use the built-in spell checker.

There is a Canadian English dictionary available.

I have a folder into which I’ve been stuffing Scrivener support materials for some time now. The file itself is named <WinMac-ScrivenerManual.scriv> has a creation date of 21 October 2011. Can’t remember how I came by it.

Thanks for the System Preferences tip for changing the dictionary. I’ve put the Canadian dictionary into service.


Ah, okay you must have downloaded the source project file from our support page at some point. It’s important to note that this project contains both user manuals, interleaved with one another. So you have to check when you see a colour bubble around a section and make sure the prefix for the section is “MAC:”. Likewise keep an eye on the Label for the outline item itself. If it is pink it is Mac; blue it is Windows.