How to change the embedded author name?

Hi there,

When I export my file to pdf, I open it, and on the top right corner of each page is my name: I don’t wan this, or I would like to change the name please inside Scrivener.

How can I do it?

Thank you.

By default, the author’s name is taken from your Apple Address book. You can change it on a per-project basis in the Project > Meta-Data Settings dialogue box, in the Project Properties tab. Just type whatever name you want into the boxes. When you compile, your new name will be in the pdf header in future.

To remove an element such as the author name from the header in the pdf, in the Compilation dialogue box choose the ‘All Options’ tab, then Page Settings in the list on the left hand side.

In the section ‘Header and Footer’, you’ll see various tags in the form <$surname>, <$fullname> etc. Delete the one relating to a name and make any other changes to the Header / Footer you want and then compile.

If you want to know any more about how this tag system works, the full list is on the Help Menu under Placeholder Tags List.




Many thanks indeed:)