How To Change Voice in Speech

Is there anyway to change the voice used in the speech option? I would like to set it to the SIRI voice. Current voice is a robotic irritant.

Scrivener uses the system voice, which is set in the Apple → System Preferences → Accessibility → Speech pane. It doesn’t look like Siri is one of the options, though.

Thanks. I did that, (Siri voice is an option on my Mac OS 11.4). However the voice when using the scrivener Edit/Speech option defaults to a robotic voice. Pressing Option esc does allow the speech to be read by Siri through the Apple accessabilty option, but for some reason, the pages goes berserk and scrolls down to the end of the document instead of staying on what is being read. I guess it is a bug in Scrivener for MAC. Thanks for the help. very appreciated.