how to cite page number using endnote?

i am currently using endnote to write my term paper. however, i am not sure how to cite using ENDNOTE. i could only find instructions on management of citation under mac. following that instruction, i input something like {Ma, 2011 #328@26} (it is said that the “@26” is page number 26). however, the page number couldn’t appear when i put it into word and update the bibliography, is there any solution.

currently facing a ddl, very anxiously waiting online :frowning:
Hope somebody could help.

You’ll need to copy and paste the EndNote reference into Scrivener as a raw citation; after compiling and bringing your document into Word, you can use the integration feature there to scan the document and have everything updated to the proper style. (If you’re using another word processor, follow whatever the normal steps there are for converting the citations to the desired style.)

You may find this post by another Scrivener user writing a dissertation and using EndNote helpful, as it details the steps for citing in Scrivener, compiling to Word and scanning there and also for going Word to Scrivener:

A raw citation from Endnote looks like this:

{Smith, 2001 #253}

To add a page number:

{Smith, 2001 #253, p. 56}

There are many other ways to tweak raw Endnote citations for different purposes, e.g., if the text should read ''According to Smith (2001, pp. 12-14), the recent rise in …" Then your raw text would look like:

According to Smith {, 2001 #253, pp. 12-14}, the recent rise in …

How to format Endnote raw citations is a function of the Endnote program, not Scrivener, so you will find this guidance and more in your Endnote documentation.

thank you dear gr and MimeticMouton. i’ve decided to manually add the page number in my work!