How to clean up PDF 'Open In' menu

My PDF ‘open in’ menu (accessed via the editor) has become very messy, with multiple entries for each potential application. It doesn’t seem to be a problem in other apps, so wondering if there’s some file in the Scrivener library which has got clogged up. Is there any way to clean it?

Example here:

Do you get a similar result when you right-click on a PDF in Finder and examine the “Open With” menu? In theory it should be the same thing. We aren’t going out and doing anything special here, just asking the Mac for a list of programs that have declared themselves as eligible for opening that file type.

What other programs are you comparing with? It could be whatever you are referencing against is using its own list internally. I have a few programs that are like this. My FTP client for instance seems to have its own idea of what a text editor is, and will list them even if I don’t have them installed.

I beg your pardon. I use Path Finder instead of Finder most of the time and it was working properly. The menu in Finder was, as you say, also a mess. Cleaned it up and all good.

For anyone else looking for this, the method for cleaning up this context ‘Open with’ menu is described here: … menu-os-x/

Thanks for digging that up! I’ve sometimes ended up with litter in this list, though never nearly as bad as what you posted, so I never went out of my way to fix it. Nice to know though.

If Path Finder had a spatial mode I would be using it in a heartbeat. It’s a good manager, but I don’t much care for the “browser” approach to file management.