How to compile a full indented outline with numbered parts?

I use to compile my documents using full indented outline. In this way, it is very easy to print a document with a decimal numbering outline. But I don’t know yet how to do in order to compile an outline with numbered parts such as : I + 1. + 1.1, II + 2. + 2.1, and so on. How could I do that? Thanks for your replies.

I would start with the “Enumerated Outline” compile Format, in the left sidebar. This format has several Layout options that provide different numbering schemes, which can be applied to Types in the outline. For example with a simple folder/text layout, something like this would be easy to achieve:

Thank you for your suggestion. It works, as you can see on the screenshots below. But, as you can also observe it, even when I set all my sections (part, chapter, section), the second part does not begin from II, but from I. How could I do to have a numbered outline, as I use to have using Latex? b.jpg

Quite right, I don’t quite understand what is going on there, but try this:

  1. Right-click on “Enumerated Outline” and duplicate & edit it.
  2. In “Section Layouts”, click on the “Alphanumeric Outline Item (Wide Spacing)” layout.
  3. Select the “Title Options” tab, and in the Title Prefix field, change the code to “<$R>.”

I don’t know if I’m doing right, but it does not work. I don’t have any decimal order for the chapters and the sections: this is a screenshot of my compiling window.

Try clicking through each Layout, and wherever you see “<$aon>”, replace it with “<$R>”. Leave the rest of them alone.

Or here is another idea. You might prefer if the outline is LaTeX. Try setting your file format type to “MultiMarkdown → .tex”, and choose “Markdown Outline” from the Format sidebar. Assign all types to "1. " (don’t worry about the number, it is just an abstract, you can use LaTeX to set the outline type).

That will compile four files, the outline in a .tex file, and then some preamble files that you can tweak to get whatever numbering you want. By the way if you want to change the preamble, edit the Format and go into the “LaTeX Options” pane.