How to compile a table

Hello there,
I have a table in my document, but when I compile it to PDF, Scrivener “cuts” my table and sends the rest of the table in the next page (please see file attached and captioned “This is what Scrivener does”), but I want my table to flow down without breaks (please see file attached and captioned “I want this”).
I tried different compiling options but I didn’t make it.
Hope you can help, thanks in advance.

As for what is happening: my guess is that you’ve got a cell that’s taller than the rest of the page. The text engine can break down when it encounters such a thing. There is nothing we can do about that unfortunately. You’ll see the same result in TextEdit if you paste the table into it and use its Format/Wrap to Page display mode (for whatever reason Apple uses something else for actually printing the PDF, so it’s not a good comparison to check TextEdit for PDF output).

Generally speaking, post-compile you’ll want to use a proper desktop publishing system or at the least a word processor capable of working within the concept of a page, once it comes time to produce something other people will be working with. Scrivener’s PDF output and such is mainly meant for proofing (unless one can get by with very simple formatting).

Thanks for your answer. Yes, the cell is taller than the rest of the page. I copied and pasted the table into OpenOffice and I created a PDF without the page break: an annoying workaround.

No way it will possible to do this with Scrivener in the future? Scrivener will ever have a text engine that doesn’t break down tables? I love Scrivener and I’d like to use it for all my writing needs!

Unfortunately it’s very unlikely given that tables are not our code. There is very little code in Scrivener that has anything to do with tables in fact, and to fix this problem we would have to start from scratch. For the one guy programming Scrivener, that would probably entail the better part of a year working on just that—not Scrivener. :slight_smile: Hence, out of scope.