How to compile and include a bibliography file?


MMD > LaTeX I have it working fine and have a decent grasp of whats going on.

The issue is I have a .bib file that I would like to use for citations and I don’t know how to include it so that the .tex file has a reference of it.

I saw a youtube tutorial that is quite old and he added a BibTeX link in metadata via File > MultiMarkdown Settings… but that option is not under file anymore.

He was also citing using [text][#cite_key] is this still correct?

Anyone solve this please?

This should all be documented in the MMD user manual. A quick search of the PDF reveals the bulk of citation and BiBTeX usage discussed in the Syntax section.

Thanks for the reply. This is a weird one, it’s started working. I deleted the output folder containing the .tex file and generated a new one. Bingo, solved.

Incidentally, I just added the BibTeX link in the metadata section of the compile window.

I appreciate your help though.