How to Compile doc that will work with Word styles for TOC?


I’m regularly compile (export) Scrivner docs to MS Word, then create a Table of Contents for these documents based on subject headers I’ve created. These subject headers are always the same (e.g., INTRODUCTION). They system I’ve created to set up a TOC involves the following steps:

(1) Compile / export Scrivner documents to a unified .docx document;
(2) Select the aforementioned subjected headers – through a process of finding each header and selecting them – then changing their style to those that comport with the TOC settings;
(3) Then run MS Words TOC compilation process;

This ultimately works, but is a dreadfully inefficient process. Is there another way to do it that might work better? For instance, is there some way that I can create subject header subject headers with styles that will transfer to MS Word (so I don’t have to go through the tedious, time-consuming process of step #2 each time)?

Thanks very much for your help!

I use Nisus Writer Pro rather than MS Word, but have always supposed that you could write a macro in Word to do as I do. I have set Compile so that the titles of each level of folder in the binder are output in a different size—though you could equally use different font variants, colours, or even different fonts for the same purpose. My macro runs through the whole text, selecting all text in each size in turn and marking them with the appropriate header styles.

You’re going to have to wait till v. 3 is launched before you have access to marked styles in Scrivener.


I have presets in Scrivener that are Chapter title, Heading 1, Heading 2 etc., and each is distinguished by color.

Then after I pull the rtf compiled version into Word, I do a global change, selecting for color, and changing to the Word style. I am sure you could write a macro to do that. But given that I have only about 5 styles that need changing, it’s easy.

The only problem is that since Scrivener doesn’t actually do the footnotes, the footnote markers (superscript number) can’t be assigned a color, as far as I know. Ditto the footnote text. THAT I have to change by hand, and it is a super big pain.

Any suggestions on how to handle footnotes and footnote text would be welcome. But as for the other elements of Scrivener, the color (or colour)-coding works great.

If you use Multimarkdown (or Pandoc), it automagically creates proper styled Headings 1-6 for you based on the Binder depth and there is no need to fuss in your external wordprocessor. It also creates proper styles for figure captions, block quotes, footnotes etc. With pandoc you can even specify that you want a TOC and it will add the special field codes for the TOC in Word for you, you then just “update toc” to build it.

Screenshot show a straight compile from Scrivener + Pandoc (I’ve done NO tweaking!), note styled headings give you a full outline, styled block quotes, footnotes, working equations, styled figures with a proper figure caption, styled title (separate from Heading 1), styled author field etc. Pandoc also makes the “First paragraph” after a heading a different style for you, so if you want to indent or otherwise distinguish it simply edit the “First Paragraph” style and you’re done.

Just wanted to thank all of you for your generous help. I greatly appreciate!