How To Compile Every Document In A Folder

Hey Everyone,
I compile a project quite often, and by default only one of my folders is chosen with every document in that folder included. When I try to mark other folders in the project to compile, the documents included in that folder are not marked. This results in that I have to check the box next to every document individually which results in hundreds of clicks. I can’t seem to make it work to only clicking the folder and automaticly checking all underlying documents. Does anyone know how to solve this? Much appreciated!


On the Mac, use Option-click to check/uncheck all documents in the Contents list. You can also use Shift-click to select a range, just as you would in Finder, then Option-click to check/uncheck all documents in that range.

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In another thread, I’ve posted some tips for efficiently selecting items to compile.

In short though, the checkboxes you are using are meant more for marking if something definitely is or is not part of what you ever want to export. It is what you would use to exclude chapter notes, for example. So it is understandable that it is not very efficient for dynamically selecting x number of items for a one-off compile.

Thank you! That resolved my issue. Much appreciated!

You can also just use the drop-down in the compile window to select your folder, and the output will only include its contents.