How to control font of "Notes" title?

This question pertains to producing an ePub 2 output file from Scrivener 3.

For those of you who use footnotes, you will know that you can specify the title of the Endnote page by going to File > Compile > your format > Edit Format > Footnotes & Comments (see image below). “Notes” is the default title. But is there a way to control the font family (Arial versus Helvetica), font size (12 versus 14) and font characteristics (bold, italic, entered) of the title?


There is no direct control over the formatting of that element (or the “Contents” in the dynamically generated ToC page) in ePub 2.

Not a show-stopper, but it would have been nice if it were controllable.

Thank you for responding.

I would say in the grand scheme of things that is where it is headed—the KF8 and ePub3 file types already support it. The method they use isn’t as easily applicable to the older ePub2 method however.