How to control footnote line spacing?

When I do Format > Footnote, the Inspector pane opens on right side of Scrivener, allowing me to enter my footnote text. When I am typing the footnote next, however, the line spacing control (outlined in red in the attached Dropbox link) is greyed out, preventing me from changing the line spacing. All the other text formatting controls (font, font size, bold) work fine.

How does one control the line spacing for footnotes? Thank you … er%202.png

There is no direct control over most forms of paragraph formatting within a footnote. If you check the Format menu you’ll find just about all of that is disabled on purpose. If you’re having an issue with text that was pasted in with formatting you’re trying to normalise, then right-click on the footnote and choose to convert it to default formatting.

Otherwise if you need special treatment of text in footnotes, your best bet will be to handle that kind of specific formatting after the writing process is done and you’ve compiled.

Thank you for responding. Perhaps you can help with a follow-up pls. I have my default formatting settings (in Scrivener > Preferences > Formatting) set as Arial 12, 1.5 spacing (see image). Yet when I right-click on a footnote in Inspector and select Convert To Default Formatting, the footnote text changes to Arial 10, 1.0 spacing. So it is not changing to what I consider to be the default.

Are there other configuration settings somewhere that I need to set in order for this to work correctly? … er%203.png

Yeah, you do not have the Use for inspector footnotes too checkbox enabled, right below the font box itself. The base option itself is for handling the font differently from base text with inline footnotes.

That solved it! Thank you, much appreciated!

I have a possibly related issue: Most of my footnotes show up with “normal” line spacing. Then a few that I copied from other sources show up with line spacing somewhere between 1.5 and 2, and now one even closer to 3. This makes it very awkward to read and edit while writing. How can I change the line spacing in footnotes?

For text you’ve pasted into inspector footnotes, just right-click on the footnote(s) and convert them to default formatting.

Thanks for the quick response - that solved my issue!