How to control header tags when compiling to HTML?

It appears that in Scrivener 3 using the default “Heading 2” style produces automatically an

tag when compiling to HTML. In Scrivener 2 “Sub-heading” produced

. How can you control the heading tag output? How can I assign a specific tag, say

, to a new heading style? I can’t see a way to do this in the new Styles Panel. Neither can I find way to do it in the compile settings. Is this not supported? Should I turn to multimarkdown perhaps? Any suggestions?

Well, my hammer is Pandoc, and so all my nails look like Markdown!

BUT you can do this directly from Compile:

The screenshot shows the Compile format editor editing the HTML export options. You can make section layouts that have a specific header level for each layout. In this case “Heading 3”. These section layouts can be applied to your different sections (applied in compile, defined in your Project Settings).

You can also export styles with specific style names and do some overrides there, but I’d try the section layouts first.


I just tested and


compiled just fine. The HTML itself is a bit messy (each paragraph gets a class etc.) as it uses “Cocoa HTML Writer”, I think if you want clean HTML you should go the Multimarkdown route (which is what Scrivener 3 does to make robust EPUBs…

Excellent. Thank you @nontroppo. I created a new format but missed “Edit format…” A bit tricky to set up but “all” sorted now. Must say, the new compile settings do seem powerful.