How to control the width of the "Wrap" page layout view?

I switched to version 3 and am still getting used to it. How to adjust the width of the editing area when you use “Wrap” page layout view? See attached image. Currently the default is too wide.

View > Zoom.

Or click on the footer zoom control, if the footer is turned on in View > Editor Layout >Show Footer View

Thank you for your response but that was not quite what I meant. I know how to zoom in and increase the size of the text for easier reading. What I wanted to know was how to control the width of the page. If the page is too wide then it becomes tiresome to read so many words on a line. Anyway I think I found out how to control the width and that is by going to file>page setup. I would have preferred something like what is done in “compose” mode where you can specify paper width. But the way it stands now I have to remember to set it back to a standard size such as A4 just in case it affects the compile function.

But if there is a better and easier way to control the page width I would like to know. I like the way it is done in “compose mode” wonder why the same method can’t be used in “Wrap?”

The attached image perhaps gives a better idea of what I mean. I want to be able to control width of the white part between the blue.

Scrivener -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Main Editor.


Wrap is page-layout view, which can be resized using the zoom controls to preview a virtual page that is based on the dimensions set in Page Setup or Compile settings and governed by Scrivener > Preferences > Appearance > Page View > Base page-view size on…

To control the width of the Main Editor when it is not in page-layout view, you need to use the fixed-width editor settings, as Katherine mentions above.

Page View.pdf (76.7 KB)

Thank you Katherine and Jo.

Jo confirmed what I had posted in my previous text “Anyway I think I found out how to control the width and that is by going to file>page setup.” Too bad it can’t be done the same way as with the main editor by just specifying a width. I have already setup a custom width in Page Setup, where is it done in compile settings?

Thanks again.

By default, the Compile command will use the same page size as the editor, defined by the Page Setup command.

If you want a different page size for your output file, it’s defined by the Page Settings pane in the Compile Format editor.


Then why does Page view give the option to choose from Page setup settings or Compile settings if Compile Settings are also based on Page setup settings?

Hmmm do I really want to know the answer? Perhaps the program has gotten too complicated :confused:

Because Compile settings can differ from the Page Setup settings, and you might want to switch between the two.

For instance, suppose you only have US Letter sized paper, but you’re writing for European distribution and need to format your output document for A5 paper. So you might configure letter sized paper in Page Setup, and A5 paper using the Compile command.


Thank you for that clarification.