How to Copy Document Targets to All Documents

I would like to set all document word count targets to the same setting.

I understand how to set the word count targets for each document individually. But I have a lot of documents and I don’t want to have to set each document individually.

Is there a way to set multiple documents targets?

I’m afraid there isn’t. It has to be set on each document.

There are ways to get new documents to have the target you want automatically, however.

  • Split document method: To get this to work you’ll need to have an empty line at the bottom of a document that has the target set that you want. Position your cursor at the beginning of that empty line. Then use Documents->Split->at Selection Result: your old document has the empty line removed, and your new document has an empty line, and the target that you want. Remove the empty line, reposition the doc in the Binder if needed, and type away! Your target is set automatically.
  • Template method: Create an empty document with the Split Document method. Delete the empty line. Drag the document to the Templates folder in the binder. Now when you want a new document with that target, use Project->New From Template, and select your doc with target set from the list.
  • Extra Credit: Once you have the template from the Template Method, select your top level containers(s) inside the Draft folder. Use Documents->Default Template for Subdocuments. Select the template document with target set. Now you can use a keyboard shortcut, shift-option-cmd-N , to add a new document to the binder (inside those folders) with your target already set.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.