How to create a lean backup

Hello I have a a .scriv that’s 2.92GB that only zips down to 2.65GB when I create a backup. I want to be able to put this backup on my free DropBox account as a backup but it’s too large. I don’t need to include all of the video I have in .scriv file in the backup, I only need to backup the text files.

Is there a way to only backup the text files?



I would create the backup onto your local drive first, without the zip option turned on.

  1. Right-click on the new backup in Finder and select “Show Package Contents”
  2. Navigate to Files/Docs
  3. Here you will find all of your media. It might help to reveal the “Kind” column in Finder list mode, and sort by that to cluster them all together. Drag all of the media files out—to the trash if you don’t want them backed up anywhere, or some local folder for safe keeping.
  4. Close all of the package content windows that opened and try opening the backup project. It should work just fine, but any media files will have blank now—otherwise their meta-data is intact and they will appear in the Binder as though nothing were wrong
  5. Now you can compress what is left of the project and move it to Dropbox

Now if you ever need to restore from this, you’ll want to drag the media files back into the Files/Docs folder. So long as neither the media backup nor the project is changed, all of the ID numbers will match and the next time you open it they’ll be fused with the once empty Binder items again.

Very cool, Amber … I’ll do it … Thanks : )

Where is Files/Docs? When I do a “Show Package Contents” I don’t see Files/Docs there.



When you choose “Show Package Contents” on your .scriv project, you should see a Finder window with a .scrivx file and several folders: “Files”, “QuickLook”, and “Settings” (possibly “Snapshots” if you’ve taken any). Open the “Files” folder and in there should be the “Docs” folder.

Strange … I don’t see a .scrivx file, or a Files folder or Settings folder in my Show Package Contents window. In addition to all the media, I do have a Snapshots folder and a Quicklook folder.

I’m using Version 1.5.4: does this version have a different directory structure than what you’re referring to?


Ahahaha, yes. Sorry. It’s not as neatly compartmentalized in 1.54, so everything is right there in your main window as soon as you Show Package Contents. Just sort by kind in the Finder and remove your media files from there.

Great : ) Thanks! …