How to create a "non-printing" comment in text

In my novel I have many notes that I want to see in the text (in early drafts) but ideally would not be printed in a final compilation. Yet, in an earlier rough draft I WOULD want to see them printed, in Word, but ideally in a different font. I gather the Comments feature works that way, but I’ve had problems with Comments centering everything. What is the best way to create an “in-line” “in-text” comment that can either be printed or not during compilation? Thanks in advance for all the help – this is a great resource!


You can use inline annotations for this (Format > Inline Annotation, for shift-cmd-A) - in fact, this is exactly what inline annotations are for. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

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Be aware, though, that those in-line comments will be copied whenever you Cut or Copy text. If you don’t want them you need to Edit -> Copy Special -> Copy without Comments and Footnotes.