How to create a reference number?


I’m writing an e-book and I have a few articles and books that I want to make references to. I don’t want to be using the linking thing in Scrivener because I don’t understand this feature and I have no time to learn it.

All I want to do is to insert a smaller size number after a word in my text. Then I will create a separate Bibliography-page where I state the article or book that I’m making the reference to.

I find no way of doing this…please help :slight_smile:


Scrivener’s Format menu includes all of the options to change font, increase/decrease font size, and so on.

For an e-book in particular, though, I would definitely recommend creating links. It’s not that much more work, and your readers will thank you. You can either use footnotes or Scrivener Links, depending on exactly what you want to do.