How to create an anchor text ?

Is it possible to create an anchor text ? So when I click on the anchor it open a new page in a defined position ?

There is no way for a link to open another document to a particular scroll position (it’s a technical limitation). It’s pretty easy to tag a spot of text in your editor so that you can easily jump straight to it in the future, however. Just select a bit of the text and add a linked comment (Format/Comment menu command) with a little description, or whatever works best for you. Whenever you need to call up that spot in the future, just click once on the comment in the sidebar. You can also right-click on these to change their colour—using one specific colour for these kinds of bookmarks could be handy, so that when you are reading through the text normally, if you see a purple (or whatever) highlight, you can know it should be ignored, whereas a yellow comment might be important to look at.

Thank you AmberV.