How to create TWO Binder bars?

I always accumulate a large number of world-building reference/data sheets when I write fantasy stories. Is there a way to have two binder bars on left side, one for chapters and the other for ref/data?

Currently I’m using two projects, one for world-building and the other for stories, and put them side by side as I work, which take up a good portion of the screen. I tried the Three-Panel Outline format but the middle bar appeared to be locked into outline mode. Dual Navigation format is close, but I’m not keen on the up-down divide.

Any suggestion would be appreciated. :3

There’s also a three-pane layout based on the Corkboard, if you prefer. In the Dual Navigation layout, the pane below the Outline is a copyholder: you can click the arrow in the upper right of that pane to pop it into a floating Quick Reference window. You can also use the View → Editor Layout → Split Horizontally command and the Editor Layout → Swap Editors command in either layout to move the component panes around.

Finally, an alternative I like is to enable the Bookmark list on a floating Quick Reference pane. (Icon in the lower left.) Assuming the documents you want to reference are bookmarked, the Bookmark list acts as a sort of miniature binder, tied to the contents of the Quick Reference pane.

Thank you for your response. I tried them all and they do provide quite a bit of utilities.

That said, how do you switch your document of focus while using the Dual Navigation layout? As in, when you Toggle Split you can click on the top of either document to select the one you want to change, then you can select another document to change it. In DN layout however, the only document/panel seems to respond to changes is the the outline panel.

Try going to the Navigate->Binder Selection Affects menu and changing what editor it affects.

Thank you all for the advices!