How to delete a line below a menu letter?

It doesn’t matter when use it in English, but it’s useless when use it in other languages.
Is there any way to turn this off?

Not that I am aware of. Those lines are provided by Windows when the programmer puts certain information into the program’s resource file(s), so to turn them off, L&L would have to provide a way to modify the resources on the fly.

You could try something like Resource Tuner, but that is an expensive and maybe time-consuming way to go just to get rid of some cosmetic lines. And there is no guarantee that you wouldn’t screw up the Scrivener EXE file in the process.

Press the Alt key.

Thank you for your answer. but
It doesn’t work in dark mode or other themes. :cry:

Thank you for your answer. :cry: I’ll just give it up and use it.