how to dismiss the comment and footnote pane?

I accidentally opened the pane and now can’t figure out how to close it. I’ve clicked all around, looked at all the menus, looked through the forums. Nothing I do will get rid of this pane. I don’t even have any footnotes in the document. Can someone please tell me what I am missing here? This thing is taking up precious space on my monitor and driving me nuts. I’m sure it’s something simple, but I just cant find it.

Thanks in advance!

That sidebar is the inspector. It provides a few different tabs in the footer, comments and footnotes being the rightmost, so for instance if you want to switch back to seeing the index card synopsis, your general meta-data, and your document notes, you’d click on the leftmost tab with the icon of the spiral-top notebook. If you just want to close the inspector entirely, you can click the blue circle icon with the “i” in it in the main toolbar or deselect View > Layout > Show Inspector.


thank you so much!!! totally solved the issue for me AND I learned a bit more about how this software works. Ahhhh I now have my full screen back.