How to download Beta 1.8[BUG LOGGED]

Some people are reporting problems updating Scrivener to Beta 1.8 from the “Check for updates” option in the Help menu. I was one of them.

I’m sure this is not how it’s supposed to work, but I had to manually start the program autoupdate-windows.exe found here:
C:\Program Files\Scrivener\liveupdates

It works.

It worked seamlessly for me. I just chose ‘Help >> Check for Updates’, pressed the download button, and followed the prompts. A totally automated upgrade. Awesome work Lee.

I had to run the program from liveupdates, then it worked, but that’s not surprising that it wouldn’t work in wine.

linux version failed that it couldn’t find the program autoupdate-windows.exe, so I’m assuming it’s not in yet. :wink:

The “Download” button didn’t appear to me. The only button/option in the window was “Close”.

Same here but after seeing your post, I tried your method and it worked - thanks.

I’m running Windows 7 and wonder if it’s something to do with Scrivener trying to run a separate exe without administrator privileges.

Not sure? I think the default wine is XP with SP3, now. Next time there’s an update, someone remind me to switch to windows 7 and see what happens.

I’m using Windows Vista SP2, by the way.

Same for me.

Thanks for this great trick !

The function available in the help menu only caused the application to crash when I closed the dialog.

Thanks for this! I was able to download it successfully after crashing every time I tried to “Check for updates” through Scrivener. Out of curiosity, I clicked on “check for updates” after I installed 1.8 and the program crashed again. I’m running Windows 7.

I’m running Windows 7, Beta 1.8.

I find that I can almost always trigger Scrivener to crash with the following:

  1. Check for updates
  2. Before the “There are no updates available” text appears, close the dialog (crash may occur here)
  3. Close the application (crash here, if not at #2)

I assume that the program is still trying to check for updates, but I’m interrupting it by closing the dialog and/or software.

It might be a good idea to have a progress bar or icon or something to indicate the dialog box is checking for updates (as the first text we see is just "You are currently using version x.x and no indication of a “please wait”).

my 1.7 on XP is crashing when I hit the ‘check for update’ button

That didn’t work for me, it gave exactly the same response as from

help>>“check for updates”

advising me I was running 1.7 …

Update : It did work, only I had to shut down Scrivener first …

…and then I notice (again) that it ignores the “run after download” check box …

Me too. Well, after I hit it, when it tells me I’m running 1.7 and gives me a “close” option, and I click that. Running the liveupdate with Scrivener closed works, though. At least, it’s downloading at the moment.

Thanks for this! I tried the “check for updates” thing and it only offered the Close button and not Update.

I’m using W7 64 Home. Since I’m on dialup at home, I downloaded v1.7 at work. Last night I uninstalled 1.6, installed 1.7, then tried the update. As others have posted, nothing happened.

Following the OP’s tip, I manually started the .exe under \liveupdates. I groaned a bit when I got the news that it would take over an hour and a half to get the update (about 12MB apparently) but that’s my fault for having an antique commection. I let it run and left to tackle some badly needed housework, glancing in occasionally to see that it was progressing.

Then one time I looked in and there was nothing on the screen – apparently the program finished, did its thing, and closed. I thought. But on firing up Scrivener the opening screen still said 1/7, about under Help reported 1.7 as well. Doing the ‘update’ got the same ‘there’s an update available’ without following on. Running the updater manually got me the same info as before, about an update being available, and starting a download showed it starting to download the whole 12megs again – though I killed that right away.

I planned to report this problem this morning (too tired to tackle last night) but on browsing in the files to locate directory names and such I discovered that there was a /tmp subdirectory underneath the liveupdate folder that now held “Scrivener-018-update.exe”

I ran that, and the update happened smoothly, and the program now reports version 0.18

So for some reason the updater doesn’t automatically run the update? Or maybe it asked me to OK the start and then timed out before I saw it? Maybe the problem was that I didn’t have Scrivener running at the time?

Pretty minor flaw, I guess, only affecting people who start an update and don’t hang around for the file to finish DLing, but I thought I’d offer the info just in case.

paulobrabo, you’re a life-saver! Thank you for this, because I’ve been wondering since yesterday about how to get the new update since the option in Scrivener crashes it whenever I use it. I’ll keep this method in mind if it happens again. Again, THANK YOU!!! :mrgreen:

cool i understood that thank you!

I tried the Help-Check for updates a couple of times and only got the dialogue shown on attached image. But then on my third or possibly fourth attempt the Download button appeared. I did nothing in between except for opening and closing IE a couple of times.

The installation guide was slightly confusing, but clicking Next at all stages got me the new version, so I’m good. Thanks!

I run Windows 7 as an administrator.


it worked for me too