How to exit footnote mode

Prior to 1.5.3 version I used to follow the next steps to add footnotes.

(1) At the end of a sentence, I press ctrl-shift-F and type in or copy(ctrl-shift-v) some footnote contents. Now I want to type in main text mode.
(2) So I press ctrl-shift-F to exit from footnote mode.
(3) I insert a space and start to write a new sentence.

But in 1.5.3, the footnote is not foonote anyway as soon as I press ctrl-shift-F to exit from footnote mode at step(2). is this a bug or a change of how to move from footnote mode to main text mode?

This was a bug that briefly existed in the initial release of 1.5.3 and was fixed shortly after in an update that may not have triggered your in-program notification. You should download the installer from the main website to fix this. I should also note that 1.5.4 is close to release as well, so if you’d rather wait for that than download twice, you could work around it for the time being. One way of doing that would be to type in the footnote normally (and a bit beyond so you aren’t going to the end of the line with your selection) and then select the footnote text and toggle the footnote on.