How to export foonotes so they reamain footnotes

Hi there. Im a brazilian philosophy student and am very excited about the possibilities your software offers. Or at least seem to offer. I say that because I’m having a problem for which i can see no solution anymore. I’ve been trying to export my research proposal into a .pdf. Everytime i do it it converts all footnotes to endnotes. I’ve looked everywhere for the option of keeping the notes at the bottom of each page, but can’t find it. So i went to your tutorials on the page and in there, sure enough, they do show a guy opening a “compile draft” window and making that change. So i come back to my 2.0.4 version and I can’t find a complie draft option in any window. And in the compile option, under file, there is no option that allows me to do it. Is there something wrong with my version? Or is it just me not finding it?


You will need to export to RTF go get true end-of-page footnotes, and then open the RTF file in Word, Nisus, OpenOffice or such and print from there. Scrivener’s own printing and PDF options don’t support end-of-page footnotes, only the export to RTF and Word.

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Thanks for this Keith - exactly what I was looking for.

Is there a way to officially request this feature get into the next build of Scrivener? That is, an option where Scrivener can export files with end-of-page footnotes? It feels a little silly to have to use another writing program to accomplish a standard formatting option.


For the next build? :open_mouth: Ha, no, I’m afraid not. :slight_smile: It is on the long-list for version 3.0 or 4.0, though, in two or three years down the line. To explain why it’s not as silly as it may seem: End-of-page footnotes involve some rather complicated layout. To achieve them, the program has to layout out each page and then get the footnotes, work out how much height each would take up (complicated in itself) and then squish text containers in each page and move other text down to fit in footnotes and… To tell you the truth, it makes my brain hurt a little bit just by looking at it. Suffice to say, it’s an enormous undertaking and that’s why you generally only find end-of-page footnotes in word processors dedicated to the job - Word, Pages, Nisus et al. All of those programs have had years or whole teams put into developing their word-processing engines, and all of them have layout at their core. Laying out end-of-page footnotes is a layout job, and it’s a big one. It’s not as simple as just hammering out end-of-page footnotes for printing - the printed page in Cocoa represents a view created by the programmer, so this would need implementing in Scrivener’s page view. As I say, it’s a massive undertaking, I’m a single programmer, and Scrivener isn’t dedicated to layout - for me to spend months implementing something like this would detract from Scrivener’s main purpose. That’s why it’s on the long-list - something to add off in the future if we are ever able to afford more programmers who can develop a more complex text engine than the basic one we use at the moment, and that’s why this sort of thing is left to the remit of external word processors that are dedicated to this sort of layout task.

Hope that makes sense.

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