How to find dropbox on Wine on Ubuntu

I’m running Scrivener on Wine under Ubuntu, and try as I might I can’t seem to find my Dropbox or pCloud folders.
Any ideas?

I don’t recall if this is something I set up specifically, but if you run winecfg on the command-line, and go to the Drives tab, you can map drive letters to different areas of the system. I have one for Z: which points to the root file system, and X: which points to my home folder.

These are just conveniences however, that you can type into the “File name” field in file dialogue boxes to jump to those areas. You should also see a “/” entry in the sidebar under “Desktop”, which can get you to anywhere on your system.

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Thank you @AmberV . Wine isn’t as obvious as it could be.

I just set things up under WINE, and when I try to map to my Dropbox folder, winecfg literally only sees my Downloads folder and none other. There are a few different folders in there, but not according to winecfg.

Any ideas on what might be going on? Do I need to set permissions such that WINE can tell the folder exists?